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Samuel Díaz Fernández

Founder and Program Director

Samuel is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and educator. He is the founder of Studio DIFFÉ— a digital agency that helps build empathy in communities worldwide through video and photography. As a lapsed nomad, Samuel feels most at home wherever Totoro is there to keep him grounded in nature and magic.  A citizen of Colombia and a resident of Vietnam, he looks for Totoro everywhere.

Akira Morita

Community Design Director

Akira is a founder of Design Kompany, innovations design and strategy consultancy. He has helped hundreds of small businesses clarify their messages, express their visions, and grow, using design as a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. He served as a facilitator at SoSM’s inaugural program in 2015. Since then, he’s been sitting in meditation about 180% more frequently, and reckons he’s about 120% kinder to himself.