What is it? 

An immersive and transformative creative leadership school that uses storytelling, media and design thinking. Hands-on experiential programs that teach you how to communicate, collaborate and be aware, in order to create better.

For whom?

Storytellers, creatives, leaders, makers, hackers, change-makers, entrepreneurs, activists, educators, YOU.



The world is shifting: rise to the occasion! We can discover stories untold. We can learn to listen. We can be more effective, humane and empathetic storytellers. We can then create profound social impacts.

3-day REMIX programs in 2018: March - REMIX Manila // REMIX Dhaka  //  April - REMIX Phnom Penh //  JUNE - REMIX Hanoi



Dhaka (Bangladesh), Manila (Philippines), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Hanoi (Vietnam)


$350-500 per participant. Need-based scholarships available.


Tuition, materials, activities, meals + certificate of completion