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Our Partners in Hanoi, Vietnam

Our Partners in Hanoi, Vietnam

School of Slow Media is all about relationships—the qualities, collaborations, and understanding that comes through them. To that end, we have always strived to form partnerships along the way that matter, and we have come to cherish our partners as our number one asset. 

In Hanoi REMIX, we have collaborated with two prominent members of Hanoi’s creative community: Clickable Vietnam, and VUI Studio. 

Clickable Vietnam is a "World-Wise Agency for brands that market Vietnam to the world” and has headquartered in a beautiful lake-side villa in Tay Ho, Hanoi. They work tirelessly to serve their clients and their creative team is top-notch! We should know: four of their current and former team members joined REMIX, and Ai Vuong, our communications director, double-duties there as a communications consultant. Seeing our mission of raising capacity in southeast Asian creative communities, Clickable agreed to sponsor their staff’s participation in REMIX and gave them blessings for the three-day creative challenge, away from their usual work. 

VUI Studio is a brand-new venue for the Hanoi creatives to “work, meet, eat & drink." A beautifully appointed with care and attention to every detail, from construction, chairs, lighting and sound, to arts and books and coffee brewed inside, it's a delightful space and a perfect venue for working and learning. Their owners resonated with the REMIX's "slow media" message immediately, and offered us their space for the 3-day workshop.  

We are lucky to have such friends in the community, and are excited to extend our invitation to anyone interested in working with us, across the region. Get in touch if you are interested or know someone who might be!